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UPDATED Aleph Champ User Manual

A guide to everything you need to know about Aleph Champ, the UPDATED Aleph Champ User Manual includes teaching instructions, classroom setups, logs, letters and templates to help your Aleph Champ teacher in the classroom.

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  • $2.99 32 Letter Aleph Bet Song 18 pages 10
    The Aleph Bet song to the tune of ABC song by Bentzy Marcus for Aleph Champ. Includes the names of all letters and final letters. To be sung daily while children point inside at their Aleph Bet chart!
  • $1.99 Aleph Champ LOGO go pages 6
    2 Logos for the price of 1 :). One COLOR, One B&W. High-res for printability.
  • $2.99 Aleph Champ Time Jingle in pages 6
    1 Minute "Aleph Champ Time" jingle by Bobby Doowah for Aleph Champ. Created for use as transitional music to get children ready to began Aleph Champ!
  • FREE Aleph Champ User Guide de pages 94
    The User Guide is a must-read for all teachers and directors using Aleph Champ. It provides in-depth explanations for how to run the program successfully. It also includes the daily schedules, bookmarks, certificates, testers and warmups for...
  • $50.00 Bereishis Curriculum rC pages 68
  • $0.99 Flashcard Smiley Mat ey pages 9
    Print on card stock for interactive flashcard review. Place cards read correctly on happy face and unfamiliar or incorrectly read cards on squiggly face. Track students' progress.
  • FREE Mesora of Kamatz Aleph Uh 18 pages 59
    by Levi Goldstein.A must read for all educators. Period. The End.
  • FREE Stripes Explained 18 pages 26
    Stripes provide motivation for a student in between levels. Read this to find out how they work :).
  • $10.00 Summer Review Packet kt pages 47
    The Aleph Champ Summer Review Packet will have your students practicing their Hebrew reading all summer long! At least we hope so... :) Packet includes White through Blue Aleph review pages. Here's how it works: Once the file is downloaded, print...
  • $10.00 Original Aleph Champ Poster 1 pages 29
    Our first Aleph Champ Poster.Out of print - but still available to print your own.Displays all 10 levels of Aleph Champ.20" x 30"
  • $3.99 Champ Card Games 7 pages 73
    Flashcard game ideas to help you with your Aleph Champing. Have fun!Includes game titles and instructions for 15 games.
  • $4.99 Green Level Board Game Cards 19 pages 38
    Print your own double sided game cards to play any board game with dice.Roll a 1 - read a 1 letter word, roll a 2, read a 2 letter word, etc.For level green and higher.