• $5.00 Aleph Bet Song & Chant nt pages 51
    Get into the Aleph Champ groove with these 2 audio tracks. Aleph Bet Chant: Students repeat the Aleph Bet and Vowels after the lead singer, the one and only Bobby Doowah. Great to be used as a review at the very beginning of every Aleph...
  • $1.99 Aleph Champ LOGO go pages 20
    2 Logos for the price of 1 :). One COLOR, One B&W. High-res for printability.
  • FREE Mesora of Kamatz Aleph Uh 18 pages 211
    by Levi Goldstein.A must read for all educators. Period. The End.
  • $9.99 Promotional Graphics mo pages 7
    Twelve files to create high-res images for posters, brochures or certificates. Includes: 10 high-res Medallion Images 1 high-res AC Logo 1 high-res Student with Medallion Please note that Aleph Champ is protected by copyright. Sharing...
  • $10.00 Summer Review Packet kt pages 69
    The Aleph Champ Summer Review Packet will have your students practicing their Hebrew reading all summer long! At least we hope so... :) Packet includes White through Blue Aleph review pages. Here's how it works: Once the file is downloaded, print...
  • $10.00 Original Aleph Champ Poster 1 pages 43
    Our first Aleph Champ Poster.Out of print - but still available to print your own.Displays all 10 levels of Aleph Champ.20" x 30"