Learning to read is broken down into manageable goals where students can clearly gauge their progress. Every color mastered gives students the confidence to keep on going. I have never seen a program motivate children where success was their reward until Aleph Champ!

Rochie Popack, Principal - Shul by the Shore Hebrew School

Our reading program at Chabad Hebrew School this year is the best ever! Our students are extremely self - motivated with the Alef Champ method, and are progressing with speed and perfection! No one is falling between the cracks!

Chana A Mangel - Chabad Hebrew School - Blue Ash, Ohio

As Director of Valley Chabad Hebrew School in Pascack Valley, NJ, I can say with certainty that the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program far exceeds any other program available in the US. The clear and simplified manner which it uses to bring a student from one level to the next in Hebrew reading is far superior to anything else I have used or seen used prior.

Hindy Drizin - Valley Chabad Hebrew School - Bergen County, NJ

Aleph Champion has really brought much excitement back into our Hebrew Reading achievements. The Michael Altman Hebrew School is now one of the leading educational programs in all of North County Inland thanks to Aleph Champion. Children look forward to "Reading Time" now and can't wait till next week comes to get back to it and rise a letter. Just this week, one of our Aleph Champ instructors brought in a small group of beaming children to announce that they just passed white Aleph level.
Thanks for this wonderful program and thank you for so many happy faces here at Chabad of Poway, CA

Rabbi Mendy Rubenfeld, Director

Dear Chani,
I would like to congratulate you on the wonderful Aleph Champ series. Our Hebrew school children love this new and innovative approach to learning the Aleph Bet. The students are really motivated to graduate through the various levels and earn their new belts. You’ve brought the fun and excitement back to learning.
Keep up the good work.

Rabbi Mendy Wineberg - Chabad Hebrew School – Kansas City

Aleph Champ has done for us what no other teacher, game or incentive has ever been able to do – it has created an excitement, enthusiasm and URGENCY from within the students themselves to learn Hebrew. Not a day goes by without children begging to be tested and each day a number of children move up from their current level. On average, our students have each moved up about 2-3 levels – and it’s only January!! I can’t thank you enough for making this accessible to us and look forward to the workbooks and games which will follow.

Devorah Deitsch - Chabad Hebrew School - Lubavitch of Montgomery County

Aleph Champ has changed the pulse of Hebrew School. Our children are so excited to study and advance to the next level. They practice at home, they practice in the car; we've never had this before!

Rabbi Yosef Konikov - Chabad of South Orlando

Only a few months ago, we started using the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program and its a big hit by the students and the parents. Many parents came to the first award ceremony and were totally amazed by the program and the enthusiasm that their children showed in their Hebrew Reading.

Rabbi Sholom Raichik - Chabad Lubavitch of Upper Montgomery Co. Gaithersburg, MD

The Aleph Champ program has been an amazing hit! The kids in Hebrew school are so excited about it, it really motivates them to learn Hebrew in a great fashion. They have gone a long way since we began the Aleph Champ program.
thanks a lot.

Lieba Mintz
Director - Chabad Hebrew School - Aspen, Colorado

We here at Chabad of Fort Lee have implemented the Aleph Champ program. It has done wonders for our Hebrew School children and staff. This new program has brought success and advancement to their reading skills that 2 or 3 years of Hebrew School could not do.
Thank You

Rabbi Meir Konikov - Chabad of Fort Lee, New Jersey

Dear Chana Marcus
Thank you for all the Aleph Champ material you have sent us so far. It has made a tremendous difference to our Sunday School.
This reading program has proven to be far superior to all the others we have used in the past. Both the children and the parents are raving about it. Aleph Champ is catering to all age groups and learning levels at the same time. The A+ students, the average student and the students with learning challenges are all thriving on this program.
Keep up the good work and we look forward to hearing from you about further Aleph Champ products.
Yours sincerely,

Rabbi Shmuli Pink - Leicester Hebrew Congregation Cheder, England.

Aleph Champ has made a world of difference in our school. The kids are incredibly motivated to study and their faces shine when they are given their awards. I have never seen anything like it in over 20 years of Jewish education!

Rabbi Pinchas Herman - Raleigh, NC

I would like to thank you so much for your innovative learning program called the Aleph Champ. It allows the children of our Hebrew School to advance at their own pace in a fun manner without any pressure. It has allowed us to address the individual needs of our children from diverse backgrounds in a way that shows them the beauty of our heritage. Thanks for all the work that goes into it.

Mrs. Miriam Muskal - Director Chabad Jewish Center Learning for Life Wellington, Florida

Parents are amazed how their usually unmotivated learners, are suddenly so enthusiastic about learning to read Hebrew.

Tzivie Greenberg - Chabad Lubavitch of Clark County - Vancouver, WA

The Aleph Champ has really been a big it at our Jewish Enrichment Program in Knoxville, TN. The children are so motivated to move up levels that they have their parents studying and reviewing with them at home. Another big plus of the Aleph champ is that we can have children on various different levels at the same time all advancing on their level.

Rabbi Yossi & Miriam Esther Wilhelm - Chabad of Knoxville

We are thrilled with the Aleph Champ program. The children have made phenomenal progress. Their achievement levels have never been higher and progress has never been faster.

Best Regards,
Faigie Kaufman
Deborah J. Wool
Chabad Hebrew School Coral Springs, Florida

The Aleph Champ Program has completely revitalized our Hebrew School. Our students are so excited and motivated to learn Hebrew, it has affected the way they view Sunday school in general. Aleph Champ has made learning to read Hebrew an enjoyable and attainable goal.

DL Levertov - Chabad Hebrew School Santa Fe, New Mexico



Aleph Champion made a very positive impact on our Hebrew School in Tenafly NJ. The children simply love it. The color coded system, motivates the children to learn and progress in their studies. Children who dreaded coming to class are now ambitious energetic children. It literally transformed our school. The 3 centers keep the kids moving, and learning. On behalf of the 75 children in Lubavitch on the Palisades we are appreciative to the founder of this wonderful project, Chani Marcus!

Rabbi Chaim Boyarsky - Chabad of Tenafly, NJ Hebrew School


Sorry for not reporting to you sooner, but aleph champ is working wonders at ARIEL Hebrew School! Half a year did not yet go by, and we have students who started at beginner level and are now proud Yellow Aleph Champions! This system provides such great motivation for our students. It's so rewarding when the students run into school begging to be tested because they practiced and even went ahead on their own during the week. There are a few students who are weaker in Hebrew reading, however their progress this year over their last year's rate leaves me pleasantly surprised!
Aleph Champion gets even our oldest class, our eighth graders excited about Hebrew reading. And when we have to miss Aleph Champion one day to go on a trip, our eighth grade boys are sorely disappointed! The Aleph Champion program really gets everyone involved and unites our whole school from the youngest class to the oldest in their efforts to reach goals and become Aleph Champions!

Sara Ruchel Belinsky

The Mitzvah Factory Hebrew School is so grateful for the Aleph Champ program. In the past, our teachers have felt like they didn't have a handle on teaching Aleph Bet- there was no set curriculum and they always felt it to such a struggle to adapt the lesson to all the different levels in the classroom. In addition, the students were not excited ad motivated. At our end of the school meeting last year, teaching Aleph Bet was what all the teachers complained was the most challenging.
This all changed with the Aleph Champ program- The program encourages learning stations which engages the children in various methods of learning and retaining information while allowing children on different levels to move at their own pace without getting intimidated by children in "higher" levels. The karate motivation is exciting for the parents, students and teachers and the reading primers, flashcards and poster are all colorful, clear and user friendly.

Chani Baram - Merion Station, PA

The Aleph Champ reading program is a big hit in our Hebrew School. Students are so excited with their progress and their journey through each of the colors/ reading levels. They ask to take home the books, so they can advance all week. The clear and concise levels are very realistic goals for the students. We are thrilled with this program.

- Shternie Kagan - Chabad Hebrew School Walnut Creek, California

The Aleph Champ program is fantastic- it has accomplished more than I could dream possible! Students are so motivated… passing several levels since we started just a couple of months ago- Thank you so much!

- Hinda Silverman - Chabad of the Rivertowns Hebrew School.

Aleph Champ has been a tremendous boost to my Hebrew School. I have never seen one system work so successfully with such dramatic results. The students are begging for more Aleph Champ time!

Dvora Green - Chabad Hebrew School Westborough, MA

We very much appreciate the Aleph Champ program. The kids are progressing phenomenally; they don’t even mind taking some homework to work on during the week.
We have been with Aleph champ since the beginning of this year and we are all (including the kids) still excited.
Thanks for bringing this to us.

Zalman Fischer - Chabad of Augusta

The Aleph champ program is incredible! The curriculum motivates students to excel beyond their wildest expectations. Parents continuously comment that what their kids learned here in three months of Hebrew School, they did not learn in 3 years!! Keep up the good work.

Rochel Goldberg - Chabad Hebrew School Coram New York.


Aleph Champ helped my son become a fluent Hebrew reader in less than a year. The simple, straightforward color-coded lessons and the clear, well-organized & compact textbooks made it easy for my son to practice reading at home, in the car, after school, before bed...whenever he felt motivated and inspired. The worksheets were lots of fun and very effective in teaching how Hebrew letters and vowels work together to make words. (My son especially enjoyed the exercises where Hebrew letters and vowels combined to spell English words.) The final few textbooks containing siddur prayers were a perfect culmination to the course and an effective bridge in my son's transition from Hebrew lessons to Shabbat services. After learning the prayers, my son began davening with much confidence and pride, applying what he learned to become a more connected and observant Jew. And by working with my son, helping him study and complete the worksheets, my own abilities as a Hebrew reader increased by leaps and bounds, and I, too, become more confident in my abilities to read siddur prayers and daven. Aleph Champ is a fantastic program and our whole family has benefited from the experience!

Mitch Fogelman

Hello Rabbi,
As you know, we have been through quite a lot of planning and stress in the previous few years before coming to Hebrew School at Chabad. At first we were a little concerned about working with the Aleph-Champ system and weather our kids would take to it being that this newer method of teaching Hebrew was not familiar to us.
As a family, we are absolutely thrilled with how far our kids have come in this short amount of time and how great they feel about learning and reading Hebrew. This method of teaching and the brilliant instuctors are such a blessing for our kids. For the first time they are enjoying religious school and feeling successful!!! Thank you Rabbi, for helping our family enjoy sharing this experience. We practice together, play games relating to learning and when we see on the kids' faces that they have passed a level and received a medal, we celebrate them. This system has given us hope not only will all 4 kids learn well for their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, but they now have an interest and a love for being Jewish! This means so much to my husband and I to see the light shine in the kids' eyes.

Keri and Howard Seligman

Just to let you know, that this new program of reading for the kids is fabulous.
It really works for Jake, he is so enthusiastic, and read the whole book tonight. Of course, he needs to work at it, so that he is up to speed, but it's great to hear him, and that he is so enthusiastic. He played football against Broughton Jewish, KD Manchester and South Manchester in a tournament today, (he scored a goal, but they lost) and when he came in, he just went straight to his reading without me having to say anything to him. Now all I have to do is work on Jade.
Many thanks


Dear Chani,
I have been using the Aleph Champ for just over a month with my own kids ages 6, 4 and 3 and I cannot believe how much they have learned in such a short time. They take the books themselves, are so motivated and can practically teach themselves. All I can say is thank you for making it so easy for me to teach them to read.
Yasher Koach



Aleph Champ taught me how to read and write Hebrew. I had fun learning all the letters and vowels. The worksheets were creative and interesting. The books were easy to use and I practiced reading day and night, at home and in the car. I liked all the color levels and had fun moving from book to book.

Yoni Fogelman, student, age 7

Before Aleph Champ Hebrew reading was boring. Now its my favorite, I never thought that Hebrew reading could be that much fun - BUT THEN...Aleph champ came along!

-2nd grader

At this Hebrew School we actually learn things! It's called "Aleph Champ". Hebrew reading has never been so exciting and you really learn how to read Hebrew. With Aleph Champ its easy and fast.

-4th Grader